Just 10 minutes west of Lincoln at I-80 exit 382.

Nebraska's newest attraction. The Dinosaur Museum opened its doors on August 21st at the Milford, Nebraska and Interstate 80 exit 382. The 13,000 square foot museum has 98 major exhibits, covering over 65 different species - more dinosaurs than the Field Museum in Chicago and New York's Museum of Natural History. The dinosaurs range in size from a one foot Microraptor to a 42 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that stands 14 feet tall. The majority of the dinosaurs are recreated life-size flesh replications appearing in actual size as they did when they roamed the earth millions of years ago.

The museum also features a fossil dig, movie theatre, birthday party area and gift shop. The concept was conceived by Lincoln developer Randy Acher and his wife Caroline. They wanted to create an attraction on Interstate 80 that was both entertaining and educational